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suZANNE aka Bom Bom Lulu is the host of this Podcast Radioshow. A show that stands for a great sound of sleazy trashy Rock & Roll / Garage/ Punkrock/ 60's beat/ Ye Ye beat/ 60's Girl Garage/ Raw Rhythm & Blues/ Bubblegum punk/ Pre wars/ Nasty rockabilly/ Trashy Country and many many more...for all ye sinners and sufferers...

zondag 8 oktober 2017

Rock & Roll Rampage #261


Rock & Roll Rampage #261 'Groovin!'
1.Holly Golightly-Black Night-2003
2.Mama Guitar-A Certain Girl-2000
3.April March-Chick Habit-1995
4.Bratmobile-Cheap Trick Record-2000
5.The Donnas-Let's Go Mano-1996
6.Nikki & The Corvettes-Let's Go-1980
7.The Trashwomen-Daddy Love-1996
9.Gilles Brown-Agent Secret-1966
10.Bernard Menez-Il Re d' Inghilterra-
11.Danielle Denin-Quand tu m'embrasse -2000
12.Pussy Cat-Mais pourquoi …-1966
13.Noelle Cordier-Cheese-1967
14.Hunx and His Punx-Too young to be in love-2011
15.Dead Ghosts-Can't get No-2013
16.Shannon and the clams -you will always bring me flowers-2011
17.Mike Krol-Neighborhood Watch-2015
18.The Hex Dispensers-I Hope the Sun Explodes Today-2015
19.Betty James-I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore-1962
20.Wynona Carr-Touch and go-1958
21.The Bobbettes -Shot Mr. Lee-1960
22.Sugar And Sweet-Do The Dive-
23.Merle Spears-I want to know-1964
24.Bobby King -Thanks Mr.Postman-1962

vrijdag 11 augustus 2017

Rock & Roll Rampage #260

Rock & Roll Rampage #260 ' A Girl Love Punk!'
1.Hunx and His Punx-You Think Youre Tough-2013
2.Habibi-I got the moves-2013
3.Bleached-Think of you-2001
4.Tacocat-I Hate the Weekend-2016
5.The Julie Ruin-Ha ha ha-2013
6.Tyranna-Back off Baby-1980
7.Blondie-One Way Or Another-1978
8.The Elektras-Say You Love Me-2007
9.The Priscillas-Brain Surgeon-2011
10.Gravy Train!!!!-Hella Nervous-2003
11.Gore Gore Girls-Where Evil Grows -2007
12.France Gall-Laisse Tomber Les Filles-1965
13.Penny Lim & The Silverstones-Kung See, Kung See, Let's Be Happy-1967
14.Anita Humes & Essex-I'll Let The Boys Know-1963
15.Tacey Robbins and the Vendells-My LA-1965
16.Rita Pavone -ll Ge ghe ge-1965
17.The Tammys-Egyptian Shumba-1963
18.Die Crazy Girls & The Javalins-Hey Hey Ha Ha-1963
19.The Pleasure Seekers-What a Way to Die-1966
20.The Okmoniks-You Took What I Ain't Got-2005
22.Thee Headcoatees -Have Love Will Travel-1992
23.Holly Golightly-Time Will Tell-2003
24.Peach Kelli Pop-Plastic Love-2015
25.The Runaways-Cherry Bomb-1976
26.X Ray Spex-I Am A Cliche-1977

zondag 2 juli 2017

Rock & Roll Rampage #259

Rock & Roll Rampage #259 'Love Thrills, Rockin & Rollin!'

1.April Stevens-Teach Me Tiger -1959
2.Toni & The Showmen-Try My Love
3.Ronnie Love-Chills & Fever
4.Johnny Sayles  -I Can't Get Enough (of your love)-1967
5.Ernestine Anderson-Keep an eye on love-1963
6.The Fabulous Wailers-I Idolize You-1961
7.The St. Johns-She's So Fine-196
8.Denny & Kenny Duo-Meet My Little Sweety-1965
9.The Ikettes-Peaches 'N' Cream-1965
10.Beverly Jones-Heatwave-1965
11.Mayalta Page & Group-You're So Fine-1964
12.The Shangri-Las-Give Him a Great Big Kiss -1965
13.The What Four-Baby I Dig Your Love-1964
14.The King Khan & BBQ Show-Love you so-2002
15.Nobunny-I Am A Girlfriend  -2008
16.Nikki & The Corvettes-I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend-1980
17.The Donnas-Hey, I'm Gonna Be Your Girl-1998
18.Wanda Jackson-Funnel Of Love-1961
19.Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker-Love Me-1955
20.John & Jackie -Little girl-1958
21.Jesse Belvin & The Cliques -I'm In Love With A Girl-1956
22.Aretha Franklin-Rough Lover-1962
23.Ike & Tina Turner -Am I A Fool In Love-1964
24.The Phantom-Love Me-1960
25.Unknown Artist-A Burning Coal
26.Eddie Kirkland-I Love You-1961
27.The Anglos-Incense-1965
28.Jim Jackson -Some Love With Soul-1967
29.The Dynamics-Misery


zaterdag 15 april 2017

Rock & Roll Rampage #258

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Rock & Roll Rampage #258 'Twist & Grind!'

1.Jerry Arnold-When you said goodbye -1965
2.Danny Darren & The Drifting Playboys-Fool About You-1966
3.Pat Ferguson-Fool I Am-1960
4.Blind boy Fuller-Truckin' my blues away-1936
5.Trixie Smith-My Man Rocks Me-1939
6.Patience Valentine -If You Don't Come-1961
7.Barrett Strong -Misery-1961
8.Merle Spears-I want to know-1964
9.Sugar and Sweet-Hands Out of My Pocket-1963
10.The Tradewinds-Aba-daba-do Dance-????
11.The Righteous Brothers-Little Latin Lupe Lu-1963
12.Mickie Most & The Gear -That's Alright-1964
13.Marvulus Mickey-Do the robot-????
14.Danielle Denin-Guand tu m'embrasses-1966
15.Brigitte Bardot-Moi je joue-1964
16.France Gall-Laisse Tomber Les Filles-1965
17.Los Straitjackets and Kaiser George  -Twist And Grind-2006
18.Urban Junior-Ah Ah Ah Ah-2007
19.Milky Ways -Got My Mojo Back-2006
20.Digger & the Pussycats-Catch Us if You Can-2005
21.Gories-I Think I've Had It-1989
22.The Sonics-Shot down-1965


maandag 13 februari 2017

Rock & Roll Rampage #257

#257 I Hate Valentine!


1.Rose Mitchell -Baby please don't go-1954
2.Sugar Pie DeSanto-Can't Let You Go-1961
3.Holly Golightly-Tell Me Now So I Know-2003
4.Timi Yuro-Ain't Gonna Cry No More-1962
5.Ernestine Anderson-Keep an eye on love-1963
6.Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls-Don't Break My Heart-1960
7.Rev-Lons-I Can't Forget About You-1963
8.2 Of Clubs-My first heartbreak-1966
9.Ike & Tina Turner -Am I A Fool In Love-1964
10.Carl Smith & June Carter -Time's A Wastin'-1953
11.Sammi Smith -Why Do You Do Me Like You Do-1968
12.Dolly Parton-It's Sure Gonna Hurt -1962
13.The Stereos-I Really Love You -1989
14.Brook Benton -Hurtin' Inside-1959
15.The Blenders-Don't fuck around with love-1960
16.Lucille Bogan aka Bessie Jackson-Shave 'em dry -1935
17.Mary Wells-Bye Bye Baby-1961
18.Mitty Collier-Pain-1963
19.Mamie Perry-Lament-1959
20.Frances Burr-I say no, no more-1964
21.Jimmy Norman-I Don't Love You No More (I Don't Care About You)-1962
22.Gloria Jones-Tainted Love-1964
23.Bobby Nelson Quartet-There Ain't Nothin' True About You-1958
24.Dennis Smith -This Little Heart-1965
25.Wanda Jackson-Whirlpool-1960
26.Ella Mae Morse & Tennessee Ernie Ford -False Hearted Girl-1952
27.Brigitte and the Fire Strings -Waarom vertrouw je mij niet meer-1964
28.The Booby Traps-Shoulda Known Better-2006
29.The Routes-Tell Me Ain't So-2006
30.The Sonics-Psycho-1965
31.The Fabulous Wailers-I Idolize You-1961
32.The Donnas-Get Rid Of That Girl-1997
33.Gravy Train!!!!-I Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid of You- 2005
34.The Mummies-I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight-2004
35.The Reatards-Sick When I See-1999


donderdag 1 december 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #256

#256 "Just even more Rampage!!!'

Back Stage

1.Lucille Bogan-Hound Blues-1925
2.Sister Rosetta Tharpe-Rock Me-1938
3.Cupons-Turn Her Down-1962
4.Rev-Lons-I Can't Forget About You-1963
5.The Chantels with Richard Barrett-Well, I Told You-1961
6.Hot Jumpers-Dans nu de Twist -1962
7.The Riats-Run run run-1966
8.The Hound Dogs-Shake -196?
9.The Miracle Men-Love men-2005
10.Bloody Hollies-Swing-2003
11.The Devils-Drunk Town-2016
12.The Hex Dispensers-I Hope the Sun Explodes Today-2015
13.Pierre Omer's Swing Revue-International Man of Mystery-2016
14.The Pussywarmers-I saw the devil-2009
15.Blackbird Raum-Honey In The Hair-2007
16.Johnny Cash-25 Minutes To Go-1968
17.Zeno Tornado And The Boney Google Brothers-High-2003
18.Gary Shalton aka Troy Shondell-The Trance-1958
19.Snatch & The Poontangs-Hey Shine-1969
20.The Fred Wolff Combo-Somebody Else Was Suckin' My Dick Last Night-
21.The Juke Joint Pimps-Don't push that button-2015
22.Delaney Davidson-Dirty Dozen-2010


zondag 14 augustus 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #255

#255 'Boogaloo Twistin!!'
1. Varetta Dillard - That's Why I Cry - 1957
2. Richie Richardson - The Jump - 1961
3. Dave Bartholomew - Carnival Day - 2011
4. Ray Ellis and his Orchestra - The Sheik - 1692
5. Lou Courtney - Me and You Doin' the Boogaloo - 1967
6. Matt Lucas - Baby You Better Go-Go - 1965
7. Billy Lamont - Hear Me Now - 1960
8. Johnny Amelio And His Downbeats - Jugue - 1971
9. David Hill - Wild Child - 1958
10. Little Egypt - Downliners Sect - 1964
11. Saxie Russell - El monkey - 1963
12. Piney Brown - Sugar In My Tea - 1960
13. Jane Baker - Sing On Baby - - 1956
14. Yvonne Vernee - Just Like You Did Me - 1965
15. Big Bo & The Arrows - Big Bo's Twist - 1962
16. Lonnie Brooks - Mr. Hot Shot - 1962
17. Cousin Leroy - I'm Lonesome - 1957
18. Mari Jones - Riba Daba Do
19. Mel Smith - Yes Love Rock A Bye
20. Little Esther - Wild Child - 1961
21. Frank Heppinstall - Sweetheart


woensdag 8 juni 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #254

#254 Work work and work it out!!

1.The Carter Family-I Ain't Goin' To Work Tomorrow-1927
2.Kitty, Daisy & Lewis-I Got My Mojo Working-2008
3.Clarence Green & The Rhythmaires-Keep A Workin'-1966
4.Chico Leverett-Work Work-1963
5.Wortham Watts-Cotton Picker-1958
6.Patti Fay &  Roger Hicks-A cowboys Work Is Never Done -1972
7.Dolores Tolbert-Working Wife-1960
8.Tom & The Craftsmen-The Work Song-1962
9.Dewaine Olby-Iron Worker Blues-1965
10.Tiny Topsy-Workin' On Me Baby-1961
11.Ernie Fields & His Orchestra-Workin' Out-1960
12.Leroy Jones-Baby Workout-1963
13.Ann Cole With The Suburbans-Got My Mojo Working-1967
14.The Feminine Complex-I've Been Workin' On You-1968
15.Linda Gayle-I Got My Mojo Working-1965
16.Jolly Green Giants-Busy Body-1962
17.Bobby Long And His Satellites-Mojo Workout-1963
18.The Shadows of the Night-I Got My Mojo Working-1966
19.Mickey Hawks & The Night Raiders-Cottonpickin'-1959
20.Nobunny-Tina Goes To Work-2008
21.Digger & the Pussycats-Working at a Desk-2006
22.King Automatic-Stop Workin-2007
23.Black Lips-Workin'-2005
24.Count Rockin' Sidney and His Dukes -Something Working Baby
25.Charles Sheffield-Its Your Voodoo Working-1961
26.Alexis Korner-I got my mojo working -1962
27.Lee Dorsey-Working In A Coalmine-1966


dinsdag 3 mei 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #253


#253 'Family Affairs'!!!

1.Barbecue Bob-Motherless child blues-1927
2.J.B. Lenoir-Mama Talk To Your Daughter-1954
3.Arthur griswold – -pretty mama blues-1968
4.Little Emmett Sutton-Mom, Won't You Teach Me To Monkey-1963
5.Geraldine Taylor-Mother sure was right
6.Du-Ettes-Sugar Daddy-1965
7.James Duncan-Stop Talking To Your Child (Mother-In-Law)-1966
8.Willie Dixon & The Big Wheels-Uncle Willie's Got A Thing Going On-1964
9.The Combenashuns-Hey! Uncle Sam-1966
10.The cousins-All Right, Mama -1966
11.The Kentuckys-Uncle Willy-1964
12.Paul "Sir Raggedy" Flagg-Papa-Momma-Romper-Stomper-1967
13.Alex Spearman-Mama-Ka-Toko-Laka-Poo-Poo-Yay-1963
14.The Daylighters-Oh Mom (teach me how to uncle willie)-1964
15.Troy Hess -Please Don't Go Topless, Mother
16.Anita Veal & Bob Hooks Band-Daddy Let Me Go-1958
17.Wanda Jackson-Fujiyama Mama-1959
18.Elvis -Little Sister-1961
19.The Sabres with Louis Gittens -My Hot Mama-1957
20.Ruth Brown-Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean-1953
21.Wild Child Gibson-Uncle John (Hit 2001)-1961
22.Peter Pete & the Lovers-Pistol Packing Mama -1964
23.The Four Sounds-Mama Ubangi Bangi-1962

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zondag 10 april 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #252

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#252 'A Ton Of Fun'!!!

1.Charley Lincoln-Country Breakdown-1927
2.Mae Glover -Shake it Daddy-1929
3.In The Mornin'-JohnsonNelson Porkchop -1928
4.Shao Fong Fong-I Love A Go Go -196?
5.The Meklight Sisters -Tired Of Waiting-1964
6.Mary Saenz-Would She Do That For You-1965
7.Evie Sands-Run home to your mama-1965
8.Elvis Presley & Kitty White -Crawfish -1957
9.Christine Chatman-Run Gal Run-2015
10.The Hawketts-Mardi Gras Mambo-1999
11.Ruth Brown-Mambo Baby-1954
12.Mickey Baker-Steam Roller-1964
13.Johnny Watson-I Say I Love You-1964
14.Millie Foster-Love Wheel-1962
15.Lulu Reed & Freddie King-You Cant Hide-1962
16.Jessie Crawford-Please don't go-1963
17.Mamie Perry-I'm Hurted-1959
18.C.W. Stoneking-Get On The Floor-2014
19.BOB-LOG-III-My Shit Is Perfect-2009
20.The Black Keys-Heavy Soul-2002
21.The Incredible Staggers-Little sister-2010
22.Mr. Quintron & Miss Pussycat-Fly Like a Rat-2005


zondag 6 maart 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #251

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#251 'Watch your step!!'

1.The Super Supers - Mama Soul - 2003
2.The Sensations - Music Music Music - 1961
3.Bobby Parker - Watch your step - 1961
4.King Louie One Man Band - Get Down On It - 2004
5.The Oblivians - Christina - 1996
6.Black Diamond Heavies - Fever In My Blood - 2007
7.BBQ - Justify - 2005
8.Slim Harris & His Stereophonix - Frankie And Johnny - 196?
9.Ray Stevens -Ahab, The Arab - 1962
10.Amoks - I Shot The Barber - 2006
11.Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - I got my mojo working - 2008
12.Harum Scarums - Come On In (Ain't Nobody Here But Me) - 1931
13.Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley - Every Day in the Week Blues - 1928
14.Tempa Red with the Hokum Jug Band - You Rascal You - 1930
15.Elvis Presley & Kitty White - Crawfish - 1957
16.Jeanne DeMetz - Calypso Daddy - 1946
17.Percy Mayfield - Louisiana - 1952
18.Johnny Oliver - All I Have Is You - 1955
19.The Du-Ettes - Sugar Daddy - 1965
20.Dinah Washington - Soulville - 1968
21.Mona Lisa - They Don't Know - 1968


zaterdag 13 februari 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #250 'I Hate Valentine Even More!!!'

bad valin

Here it is!! The second part of the Valentine special!! Episode #250 'I Hate Valentine Even More'!!! (This episode is also without any comment, so you can drown some more in pain!!)

1. Wayne Walker - All I Can Do Is Cry - 1956
2. Shirley Jean - I'll Get Even With You - 1961
3. Dorie Sudduth - You're No Good For Me - 1959
4. Connie Carroll - No Way Out - 2001
5. Timi Yuro - Ain't Gonna Cry No More - 1962
6. Mitty Collier - Pain - 1963
7. Holly Golightly - Tell Me Now So I Know - 2003
8. Betty Lavette - Let Me Down Easy - 1965
9. Jerry Arnold - When you said goodbye
10. Bobby Nelson Quartet - There Ain't Nothin' True About You - 1958
11. Dolly Parton - It's Sure Gonna Hurt - 1962
12. Denny Ezba - Dirty, Dirty Feelin' - 1962
13. Ella Mae Morse & Tennessee Ernie Ford - False Hearted Girl - 1952
14. The Booby Traps - Shoulda Known Better - 2006
15. The Donnas - Get Rid Of That Girl - 1997
16. The Okmoniks - You Took What I Ain't Got - 2005
17. The Barracudas - Baby Get Lost - 1964
18. Mamie Perry - Lament - 1959
19. Merle Spears - I want to know - 1964
20. Jimmy Norman - I Don't Love You No More (I Don't Care About You) - 1962
21. Gloria Jones - Tainted Love - 1964
22. LaVern Baker - Bumble Bee - 1955
23. Pete Cooke & The Baby Dolls - (This is your last kiss) Take it and git - 1963
24. Dusty Wilson - Can't Do Without You
25. The Ikettes - I'm Blue (the gong-gong song - 1961
26. Sugar Pie DeSanto - Can't Let You Go - 1961
27. The Blenders - Don't fuck around with love - 1960


donderdag 11 februari 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #249 'I Hate Valentine'

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Playlist: #249 'I Hate Valentine'

(This episode is without any comment, so you can drift away in pain!!)

1.Big Maybelle-I've Got a Feelin'-1954
2.The Dynamics-Misery
3.Ike & Tina Turner -Am I A Fool In Love-1964
4.2 Of Clubs-My first heartbreak-1966
5.The Chantels with Richard Barrett-Well, I Told You-1961
6.Peggy Peters-Aus -1964
7.The Martells-Time To Say Goodbye
8.Tigermen-Close That Door-1966
10.The Routes-Tell Me Ain't So-2006
11.Supercharger-Don't Mess Me Up-1993
12.Brigitte and the Fire Strings -Waarom vertrouw je mij niet meer-1964
13.Irma Thomas-Hittin' on Nothin' -1963
14.Betty James-I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore-1962
15.Brook Benton -Hurtin' Inside-1959
16.Sammi Smith -Why Do You Do Me Like You Do-1968
17.Crew-Why Did You Leave Me Baby
18.Danny Darren & The Drifting Playboys-Fool About You-1966
19.Pat Ferguson-Fool I Am-1960
20.The Starlets-You don't love me -1965
21.Rita Hovink-'t Is Voorbij-1964
22.Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls-Now He's Gone -1962
23.Rose Mitchell -Baby please don't go-1954
24.Frances Burr-I say no, no more-1964
25.Ike & Tina Turner-I can't believe what you say-1964
26.Jeanette (Baby) Washington -Too Late-1960
27.Tawny Reed & The Heatwave-I got a feeling-1965

zondag 24 januari 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #248


Playlist: #248 'This is the Cure'

1.Smitty Williams-The Cure-1962
2.Mary Saenz -Think It's You-1964
3.Jet Set-The Jet Set-1965
4.J Girls-Kiiro no sekai (Yellow World)-1966
5.The Cigarettes-You Were So Young-1979
6.Mary Monday-I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickey-1977
7.Nikki & The Corvettes-Girls Like Me (1981 Single)-1980
8.Peach Kelli Pop-Plastic Love-2015
9.Sodsai Chaengkij-Shake Baby Shake-1968
10.Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames -Yeh Yeh-1965
11.The Pussycats  -Gone Gone Gone -1965
12.Polanie-I'm Crying (Lodz, Poland)-1968
13.Davie Jones and The King Bees (David Bowie)-Liza Jane-1964
14.Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!-Momia Twist-2006
15.Shannon and the Clams-Rip Van Winkle-2013
16.Reverend Beat-Man and the Un-Believers -Bloddy Fucking Cunt-2007
17.LoveStruck-Comb Your Hair-2010
18.Gary Shalton aka Troy Shondell-The Trance-1958
19.Mark Lee Allen & The Driver Brothers-The Oil Field's Burning
20.The Collins Kids-Hot Rod-1955
21.Mickey Lee Lane-Hey sha-lo-ney-1964
22.Louis Johnson -Please Look Out
23.Wilbert Harrison and his International Kansas City Playboys-Everybody's Going Wild
24.Billy Hambrick-New York City Baby


maandag 4 januari 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #247

Playlist: #247 'Just Wanna Feel Fine"
1.Little Walter & His Nightcats-You're so fine-1953
2.Mable Scott-Mr. Fine-1953
3.The Cleftones-She's So Fine-1958
4.Bo Diddley-She's Fine, She's Mine aka You Don't Love Me-1955
5.Ike & Tina Turner-It's Gonna Work Out Fine-2002
6.The Castaways -Feel So Fine-1965
7.The St. Johns-She's So Fine-196?
8.Scared Stiff-She's So Fine-1989
9.Mikey & Sylvia Baker-Baby you're so fine-1961
10.Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls-Mr Fine-1961
11.The Chiffons-One fine day-1962
12.The Falcons-Fine Fine Girl-1963
13.The Mentalettes -Fine fine fine ( wacky tape version)-2011
14.King Automatic-She's Fine She's Mine-2007
15.Larry Trider-So Fine-1965
16.The Jaguars-Fine Fine Fine-1963
17.The Ikettes-Fine, Fine, Fine-1996
18.Mayalta Page & Group-You're So Fine-1964
19.O'Nita Hammond & Group-Mighty Fine-1962
20.Little Julian Herrera-True Fine Mama-1957
21.Wendi-You're So Fine -1967
22.The D-Drifters Five (Ukrainian)-I Feel Fine-1966
23.Beat Merchants-So Fine-1965
24.Bunny Sigler-You're So Fine-1967
25.James Haan & The Soul Entertainers-It's a fine thing-1966

zondag 20 december 2015

Rock & Roll Rampage #246

#246 "Trashy Christmas Everbody!'


1.Ike and Tina Turner-Merry Christmas Baby-1964
2.Eartha Kitt -Santa Baby -1953
3.The Younsters-Christmas in Jail-1956
4.C.W. Stoneking-On a Christmas Day-2005
5.Mabel Scott-Boogie Woogie Santa Claus-1954
6.The Bonnie Sisters -I Saw Mommy Cha Cha Cha-1956
7.Cordell Jackson -Rock And Roll Christmas-1956
8.Hasil Adkins-Santa Claus Boogie-1993
9.Black Lips-Christmas in Baghdad-2007
10.NOBUNNY-Chuck Berry Holiday-2010
11.The Boom Bang -Coast of Christmas Trash-2010
12.Southern Sons-One Day When The Lord Will Call Me-1941
13.The Heavenly Gospel Singers-When Was Jesus Born-1936
14.Reverend Lofton And His Holy Travellers-Look To Jesus-1965
15.Reverend Beat-Man-Jesus Christ Twist-2007
16.Reverend Savage and his Holy Rollers-Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb-2004
17.Leroy Carr-Christmas in Jail-Aint That a Pain-1929
18.Harmon Ray -X Mas Blues -1935
19.Lil McClintock -Don't Think I'm Santa Claus -1930
20.Oscar McLollie & The Honeyjumpers -Dig That Crazy Santa Claus-1954
21.Detroit Junior-Christmas Day-1960
22.The Dell Vikings-Whispering Bells -1957
23.Bob Seger (and the Last Heard)-Sock it to Me Santa-1966
24.Ann Christine & The Renegades-Comin' Home Baby -1964
25.Thee Headcoatees-First Plane Home-1994
26.Brendon Hanlon & The Batmen-Christmas Party-?
27.The Sonics-Don't believe in christmas-1966
28.Shannon & The Clams -All I Want For Christmas is You-2010
29.The's-Rock And Roll Santa-2003
30.The Bad Girls-Santa's Got A Brand New Bag-?
31.The Three Bells-Softly in the night-1964
32.The Ronettes-Sleigh Ride-1963
33.The Shangri-Las-Wishing Well-1964


zondag 6 december 2015

Rock & Roll Rampage #245

#245 Rub & Squeeze!!!
1.The Teen Beats-Big Bad Boss Beat-1961
2.The Oblivians with Mr. Quintron-Ride That Train-1997
3.The Come N' Go-The Time You Spend, The Life You Have-2008
4.Kitty Ford-Blue Diamond Ring-1960
5.Ann Sue-Twist & Freeze-1962
6.Barbara Green-Long Tall Sally-1963
7.Shannon And The Clams-It's Too Late-2015
8.Heart Attack Alley-Too Hot Blues-2013
9.The Hentchmen -Accusatory-2001
10.Hara-Kee-Rees-Du Bist Nicht Mehr Da-2004
11.Jimmy Robins -I Can't Please You -1966
12.Luther Ingram-Oh Baby Don't You Weep-1964
13.Brice Coefield-Cha-Cha Twist -1960
14.Johnny Oliver -All I Have Is You-2015
15.Chris Powell-I Come From Jamaica-1952
16.The El-Toros-Doop doop a walla-walla-1962
17.Roy Head-Treat Her Right-1965
18.The Blue Rondos-Baby I Go For You-1967
19.Pintura Fresca-Shake-1968
20.The Sparkles -The Hip-1966
21.The Ikettes-Peaches 'N' Cream-1965
22.The Shangri-Las-Bull dog-1963
23.The Heartbeats-Little Latin Lupe Lu-1968


zondag 22 november 2015

Rock & Roll Rampage #244



1.King Curtis & The Kingpins-Memphis Soul Stew-1966-Atlantic
2.James Brown-Bring It Up-1967-King
3.Aretha Franklin-Rough Lover-1962-Columbia
4.Thee Headcoatees-Automatic Love-1994-Munster Records
5.Ko & the Knockouts-Black and blue-2001-Sympathy
6.The Gories-Sister Ann-1989-Wanghead
7.Milky Ways -Got My Mojo Back-2006-Alive Records
8.Momo Lamana-MataTe-2006
9.The Giant Robots-Jukebox-2006-Voodoo Rhythm
10.The Marauders-Bad Girl-1968-Rockland
11.The Castaways -Feel So Fine-1965-Bear
12.France Gall-Laisse Tomber Les Filles-1965-Philips
13.Les Surfs-Scandale dans la famille-1965
14.Danielle Denin-Je Lis Dans Tes yeux -1966-Philips
15.Ruth Brown -I Wanna Do More-1955-Atlantic
16.Charles Sheffield-Its Your Voodoo Working-1961-Excello
17.Vernon Harrel-Slick chick -1963-Lescay
18.Legends-Louie Come Back
19.Hayden Thompson-Watcha Gonna Do-1961-Profile
20.Diana Darrin-Little Gun, Little Me-1962-Virgo Records
21.Glenn Barr-Only Cowgirl in Town
22.Don Ellis-Blue Fire-1960-Bee
23.Mikrowelle-... Peng-2002-Kamikaze
24.King Curtis-Hot rod-1962-Segway
25.Fifty Foot Combo-Titanic Tina - 2000 - Drunkabilly Records


zondag 8 november 2015

Rock & Roll Rampage #243

1914 Proto by Siebe Gorman & Co. Ltd

1.Ernestine Anderson-Keep an eye on love-Sue -1963
2.Rosemary Clooney-Mambo Italiano-Columbia-1954
3.Ruth Brown-Mambo Baby-Atlantic-1954
4.Jimmy Norman-I Don't Love You No More -Little Star -1962
5.Dorothy Berry-I Say You're Driving Me Crazy-Little Star -1962
6.Marie Williams-Come back to me-Smart
7.The Miller Sisters-Someday You Will Pay-Flip -1955
8.The Tuttle Sisters-I Was Took-Granite -1960
9.Patsy Cline-Got A Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul-Direct Source-1960
10.Nathaniel Mayer-I Found Out-Stardumb -2015
11.The Black Keys-Lonely Boy-Nonesuch -2011
12.The Del-Gators-Dynamite-Voodoo Rhythm -2001
13.DM Bob and the Deficits-Cowpower-Crypt-1996
14.Shannon And The Clams-It's Too Late-Hardly Art-2015
15.Peach Kelli Pop-Do the Eggroll-Going Gaga-2010
16.Mike Krol-Left Out (ATTN: SoCal Garage Rockers)-Merge -2015
17.The Sonics-Leaving Here-Re:Vox-2015
18.The Jalopy Five-Get Off My Cloud-HIT -1966
19.Jack & The Rippers -Heart Attack-Acetate (unissued)
20.The Celtics-And She'll Cry-Lin Jo -1966
21.The Dixie Cups-Iko Iko-Red Bird
22.James 'Sugar Boy' Crawford and his Cane Cutters -Jock-A-Mo-Checker-1953
23.J. Ben & Toquinho-Carolina Carol Bela-1975
24.Arch Hall Jr-Konga Joe-Signature-1959


zondag 25 oktober 2015

Rock & Roll Rampage #242 Halloween Part II


1.Bill Buchanan -Beware-1962
2.The Phantom Five-Graveyard-1966
3.Rod Willis-The Cat-1959
4.Gary Warren-Werewolf-1958
5.Terry Teene-Curse of the Hearse-1962
6.The Pussywarmers-I saw the devil-2009
7.Blackbird Raum-Witches-2008
8.The Goddamn Gallows -7 Devils-2011
9.King Automatic-The Sinner-2007
10.Rocket Science-Burn in Hell-2003
11.Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers-Graveyard Rock-1957
12.Baron Daemon and the Vampires-The Transylvania Twist-1963
13.Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers-Monster Mash-1962
14.John Zacherle-Coolest Little Monster-1960
15.Renato Rascel -Dracula cha-cha-1959
16.Satan & his Disciples -Mummie's Curse-????
17.Thurl Ravenscroft-The Headless Horseman-1965
18.Eartha Kitt-I Want to be Evil-1953
19.The High Hatters with Frank Luther -Sing You Sinners -1930
20.Sister Ira Mae LittleJohn-Go Devil Go-1948
21.Cile Turner-Crap Shootin' Sinner-1959
22.The 5 Jones Boys-Mr. Ghost Goes To Town-1937
23.The Poets-Dead (early recording)-1958
24.C.W. Stoneking-Zombie-2014
25.Gore Gore Girls-Where Evil Grows -2007
26.The Hex Dispensers-One Less Ghost-2015
27.Girlschool-Race With The Devil-2005
28.The Monsters-I See Dead People-2002
29.Zombina & the Skeletones-Come on-2003
30.NOBUNNY-Hocus Pocus-2010
31.Bobby Goldsboro-voodoo-woman-1965
32.Round Robin-I'm The Wolfman-1965
33.The Staggers-Black Hearse Cadillac-2005
34.Billy Jo Spears-Get Behind Me Satan And Push-1968
35.Gin Gillette -Train to Satanville-1967
36.Prince Arky & The Westerners -Ten Horned Devil-1959
37.Swanks-Ghost train-1964
38.Virgil Holmes -Ghost Train-2005
39.The Invaders (south africa)-Cat's Eyes-1964
40.The Symbols -Do The Zombie-????
41.Archie King-The Vampires-1963
42.Claudine Clark-Walkin' Through A Cemetery-1962
43.Screamin Jay Hawkins-Little Demon-1956
44.LaVern Baker-Voodoo Voodoo-1958
45.Jay Triplets-Nightmare-????
46.The Fabulous Frauleins-A Practise of Evil-1967
47.The Sonics-The Witch-1965
48.Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!-Hey Monstruo Hey-2006
49.Dead Elvis and His One Man Grave-Monster under your bed-2006


zondag 18 oktober 2015

Rock & Roll Rampage #241 'Howlin' for Halloween' Part I

1.John Zacherle-Halloween Hootenanny 1960
2.Dave Gardner-Mad Witch 1957
3.Smiley Smith-Voodoo Woman 1959
4.Freddie & The Hitch-Hikers-Sinners 1961
5.The Chuck-A-Lucks-The Devil’s Train 1958
6.Haunted George-The Ghosts Of The Old San Juan 2006
7.The Almighty Defenders-The Ghost With the Most 2009
8.Holly Golightly-Devil Do 2007
9.Archie Bleyer-The Rockin’ Ghost 1956
10.Louis Armstrong-Skeleton in the Closet 1936
11.The Tennessee Ramblers-Spookie Boogie 1948
12.The Specials-Ghost town 1981
13.Zombina & The Skeletones-The Count of Five 2003
14.The Dead 60’s-Ghostfaced Killer 2005
15.Nekromantix-Back from the Grave 1992
16.The Black Keys-Howlin’ for You 2010
17.Ronnie Dawson-Up Jumped the Devil 1994
18.Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave-Deadest girl in town 2009
19.Deadly Ones-Monster Surfing Time 1964
20.Thurl Ravenscroft-The Loch Ness Monster 1959
21.Screamin’ Jay Hawkins-Feast Of The Mau Mau 1963
22.Kid Thomas-The Wolf Pack 1957
23.Charles Sheffield-Its Your Voodoo Working 1961
24.Dorothea Fleming-The Devil Is Mad 1955
25.Headliners-Voodoo Plan 1965
26.The Johnson Brothers-Casting My Spell 1959
27.Gene Anderson -The devil made me do it 1969
28.The Hunted-Sinner 196?
29.The In-Betweens-Girl, I Am Your Evil Witchman 1966
30.Syndicats-Howlin’ For My Baby 1965
31.Bunker Hill-Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf  1962
32.Elvis Presley-Wolf Call 1965
33.John Zacherle-Coolest Little Monster 1960
34.Andres Pajares-Dracula Ye-Ye 1968
35.Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors-Scream! 1959
36.ZZ en de Maskers-Dracula-1963
37.Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savage-Dracula’s Daughter 1964
38.Sonny Richard’s Panics with Cindy And Misty-The VooDoo Walk 1962
39.Gary Warren-Werewolf 1958
40.The Last Word-Sleepy Hollow 1966
41.King Automatic-The Beginner witch 2011
42.Gentle Ben & his Sensitive Side-Spell of the Moon 2004
43.Sham-ettes-Big Bad Wolf 1966
44.The Shimmys-(He’s My) Werewolf 2009
45.Cramps-The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon 1990