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1.Elvis Presley-It feels so right -1960 2.Holly Golightly-Nothing You Can Say-2000 3.Shannon & the Clams-The Boy-2017 4.Bob Marriott & the Continentals-I'll Walk A Mile 5.Jackie Day -Come On Try Me-1965 6.Aretha Franklin-Rough Lover-1962 7.Ruby Lee -I'm Gonna Put A Watch On You 8.Mary Wells-Bye Bye Baby-1961 9.Joe Mayfield-On The Move-1964 10.Blackbird Raum-Honey In The Hair-2007 11.Mama Rosin-Le Two-Step De L'Haricot-2009 12.The Meat Purveyors-The Madonna Trilogy-2002 13.Heart Attack Alley-Too Hot Blues-2013 14.Jerry Arnold-When you said goodbye 15.The St. Johns-She's So Fine 16.Robert Williams & the Strangers-Du gehörst nur mir -1965 17.Die Crazy Girls & The Javalins-Hey Hey Ha Ha-1963 18.Jackie Shannon-It's Love Baby 19.Jackie Cannon -Proof Of Your Love 20.The Sex Organs-Tonight-2017 21.Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!-Rey de tablistas-2006 22.The Come N' Go-We Go On-2016 23.Nobunny-(Do The) Fuck Yourself-2010 DOWNLOAD | SUBSCRIBE TO RAMPAGE | SUBSCRIBE TO RADIOMUTATION | FACE…

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