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suZANNE aka Bom Bom Lulu is the host of this Podcast Radioshow. A show that stands for a great sound of sleazy trashy Rock & Roll / Garage/ Punkrock/ 60's beat/ Ye Ye beat/ 60's Girl Garage/ Raw Rhythm & Blues/ Bubblegum punk/ Pre wars/ Nasty rockabilly/ Trashy Country and many many more...for all ye sinners and sufferers...

donderdag 1 december 2016

Rock & Roll Rampage #256

#256 "Just even more Rampage!!!'

Back Stage

1.Lucille Bogan-Hound Blues-1925
2.Sister Rosetta Tharpe-Rock Me-1938
3.Cupons-Turn Her Down-1962
4.Rev-Lons-I Can't Forget About You-1963
5.The Chantels with Richard Barrett-Well, I Told You-1961
6.Hot Jumpers-Dans nu de Twist -1962
7.The Riats-Run run run-1966
8.The Hound Dogs-Shake -196?
9.The Miracle Men-Love men-2005
10.Bloody Hollies-Swing-2003
11.The Devils-Drunk Town-2016
12.The Hex Dispensers-I Hope the Sun Explodes Today-2015
13.Pierre Omer's Swing Revue-International Man of Mystery-2016
14.The Pussywarmers-I saw the devil-2009
15.Blackbird Raum-Honey In The Hair-2007
16.Johnny Cash-25 Minutes To Go-1968
17.Zeno Tornado And The Boney Google Brothers-High-2003
18.Gary Shalton aka Troy Shondell-The Trance-1958
19.Snatch & The Poontangs-Hey Shine-1969
20.The Fred Wolff Combo-Somebody Else Was Suckin' My Dick Last Night-
21.The Juke Joint Pimps-Don't push that button-2015
22.Delaney Davidson-Dirty Dozen-2010