Rock & Roll Rampage #216


1.Les Paxton • Tall Texas Woman
2.Farris Hollyman • Pretty Women
3.Jimmy Barbee & The Hardtimes • Sweet Woman's Love
4.John Lee Hooker • Whiskey & Wimmen
5.The Amoks • Pretty women on my back
6.Sonic Chicken 4 • Right side of a Women
7.Johnny Carroll • Wild Wild Women
8.The Renegades • Thirteen Women
9.The Deejays • Blackeyed Woman
10.Emmet Lord • Women
11.Bobby Williams • So Many Woman
12.Lloyd Price • Coconut Woman
13.Billy Guy • Women
14.Ray Charles • I got a woman
15.Haskall Sadler • Bald Headed Woman
16.DM Bob & The Deficits • Two Headed Woman
17.Gene Maltais • Voodo Woman
18.Smiley Smith • Voodoo Woman
19.Jimmy Johnson • Woman Love
20.Lucille Bogan aka Bessie Jackson • B.D. Woman's Blues 
21.Julia Bates • You Done Messed Around And Made A Mean Woman Mad
22.Wanda Jackson • Hard Headed Woman
23.Hank Davis • Woman Train



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