Rock & Roll Rampage #242 Halloween Part II


1.Bill Buchanan -Beware-1962
2.The Phantom Five-Graveyard-1966
3.Rod Willis-The Cat-1959
4.Gary Warren-Werewolf-1958
5.Terry Teene-Curse of the Hearse-1962
6.The Pussywarmers-I saw the devil-2009
7.Blackbird Raum-Witches-2008
8.The Goddamn Gallows -7 Devils-2011
9.King Automatic-The Sinner-2007
10.Rocket Science-Burn in Hell-2003
11.Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers-Graveyard Rock-1957
12.Baron Daemon and the Vampires-The Transylvania Twist-1963
13.Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers-Monster Mash-1962
14.John Zacherle-Coolest Little Monster-1960
15.Renato Rascel -Dracula cha-cha-1959
16.Satan & his Disciples -Mummie's Curse-????
17.Thurl Ravenscroft-The Headless Horseman-1965
18.Eartha Kitt-I Want to be Evil-1953
19.The High Hatters with Frank Luther -Sing You Sinners -1930
20.Sister Ira Mae LittleJohn-Go Devil Go-1948
21.Cile Turner-Crap Shootin' Sinner-1959
22.The 5 Jones Boys-Mr. Ghost Goes To Town-1937
23.The Poets-Dead (early recording)-1958
24.C.W. Stoneking-Zombie-2014
25.Gore Gore Girls-Where Evil Grows -2007
26.The Hex Dispensers-One Less Ghost-2015
27.Girlschool-Race With The Devil-2005
28.The Monsters-I See Dead People-2002
29.Zombina & the Skeletones-Come on-2003
30.NOBUNNY-Hocus Pocus-2010
31.Bobby Goldsboro-voodoo-woman-1965
32.Round Robin-I'm The Wolfman-1965
33.The Staggers-Black Hearse Cadillac-2005
34.Billy Jo Spears-Get Behind Me Satan And Push-1968
35.Gin Gillette -Train to Satanville-1967
36.Prince Arky & The Westerners -Ten Horned Devil-1959
37.Swanks-Ghost train-1964
38.Virgil Holmes -Ghost Train-2005
39.The Invaders (south africa)-Cat's Eyes-1964
40.The Symbols -Do The Zombie-????
41.Archie King-The Vampires-1963
42.Claudine Clark-Walkin' Through A Cemetery-1962
43.Screamin Jay Hawkins-Little Demon-1956
44.LaVern Baker-Voodoo Voodoo-1958
45.Jay Triplets-Nightmare-????
46.The Fabulous Frauleins-A Practise of Evil-1967
47.The Sonics-The Witch-1965
48.Wau y Los Arrrghs!!!-Hey Monstruo Hey-2006
49.Dead Elvis and His One Man Grave-Monster under your bed-2006



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