Rock & Roll Rampage #249 'I Hate Valentine'

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Playlist: #249 'I Hate Valentine'

(This episode is without any comment, so you can drift away in pain!!)

1.Big Maybelle-I've Got a Feelin'-1954
2.The Dynamics-Misery
3.Ike & Tina Turner -Am I A Fool In Love-1964
4.2 Of Clubs-My first heartbreak-1966
5.The Chantels with Richard Barrett-Well, I Told You-1961
6.Peggy Peters-Aus -1964
7.The Martells-Time To Say Goodbye
8.Tigermen-Close That Door-1966
10.The Routes-Tell Me Ain't So-2006
11.Supercharger-Don't Mess Me Up-1993
12.Brigitte and the Fire Strings -Waarom vertrouw je mij niet meer-1964
13.Irma Thomas-Hittin' on Nothin' -1963
14.Betty James-I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore-1962
15.Brook Benton -Hurtin' Inside-1959
16.Sammi Smith -Why Do You Do Me Like You Do-1968
17.Crew-Why Did You Leave Me Baby
18.Danny Darren & The Drifting Playboys-Fool About You-1966
19.Pat Ferguson-Fool I Am-1960
20.The Starlets-You don't love me -1965
21.Rita Hovink-'t Is Voorbij-1964
22.Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls-Now He's Gone -1962
23.Rose Mitchell -Baby please don't go-1954
24.Frances Burr-I say no, no more-1964
25.Ike & Tina Turner-I can't believe what you say-1964
26.Jeanette (Baby) Washington -Too Late-1960
27.Tawny Reed & The Heatwave-I got a feeling-1965


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