Rock & Roll Rampage #259

Rock & Roll Rampage #259 'Love Thrills, Rockin & Rollin!'

1.April Stevens-Teach Me Tiger -1959
2.Toni & The Showmen-Try My Love
3.Ronnie Love-Chills & Fever
4.Johnny Sayles  -I Can't Get Enough (of your love)-1967
5.Ernestine Anderson-Keep an eye on love-1963
6.The Fabulous Wailers-I Idolize You-1961
7.The St. Johns-She's So Fine-196
8.Denny & Kenny Duo-Meet My Little Sweety-1965
9.The Ikettes-Peaches 'N' Cream-1965
10.Beverly Jones-Heatwave-1965
11.Mayalta Page & Group-You're So Fine-1964
12.The Shangri-Las-Give Him a Great Big Kiss -1965
13.The What Four-Baby I Dig Your Love-1964
14.The King Khan & BBQ Show-Love you so-2002
15.Nobunny-I Am A Girlfriend  -2008
16.Nikki & The Corvettes-I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend-1980
17.The Donnas-Hey, I'm Gonna Be Your Girl-1998
18.Wanda Jackson-Funnel Of Love-1961
19.Jimmy Lee & Wayne Walker-Love Me-1955
20.John & Jackie -Little girl-1958
21.Jesse Belvin & The Cliques -I'm In Love With A Girl-1956
22.Aretha Franklin-Rough Lover-1962
23.Ike & Tina Turner -Am I A Fool In Love-1964
24.The Phantom-Love Me-1960
25.Unknown Artist-A Burning Coal
26.Eddie Kirkland-I Love You-1961
27.The Anglos-Incense-1965
28.Jim Jackson -Some Love With Soul-1967
29.The Dynamics-Misery



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